The Magic of Magnificence- Live the Luxury

Living that adapts to your lifestyle. Comfort that spoils you. Perfection that inspires. A view that delights. Your quality of life space in the quiet center.

A luxurious apartment to a suspicious Villa, Dege Eco Village is designed around your freedom with a sense of urban features living. This 300 acre lavish project at Dar Es Salam offers superior value to your investment. As luxury as it is private, as extraordinary as it is rare, Dege Eco Village is a cherished project of HIFADHI BUILDERS LTD. A joint venture between NSSF and HIFADHI Builders, these are luxury locations that are more than just homes.

Redefining Dar Es Salaam - a Perfect Location

A community lifestyle equipped with every amenity you need to make living a real pleasure.